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Today marks four years since I moved to Japan. The first three of those years I spent as a JET Program ALT in Kitakyushu, assisting in English classes … Read more ➡︎

The Grey, Grey Rainy Season and My Lonely Summer Forecast

Hello everyone! For my readers in Japan, I hope that you’re enjoying a relatively dry and very safe rainy season. Here in Kyushu, the rain has been causing … Read more ➡︎

My Coming Out / My Good Day

(English below) こんにちは。 お久しぶりです。 つい先週、僕は両親にカミングアウトをしました。 少し複雑なので詳しくは書きませんが、どうぞ見ていって ください。

City Life in Fukuoka; Netflix, Mexican Food, and Being with Taku!

It’s already October, and Fukuoka has become noticeably quieter and cooler than it was during the summer. I suppose the tourist season has already come and gone, everyone’s … Read more ➡︎

Japan’s Endless Summer, and Small Victories for LGBT Activists

Hello everyone! Here in Fukuoka, it’s been nothing but day after day of hot, stuffy weather. Everyone just accepts it, drearily wiping their faces and necks with handkerchiefs … Read more ➡︎

Starting Anew in Fukuoka City

How’s everybody doing this summer? It’s been blazing hot here in Fukuoka, as one would expect after the end of the rainy season. Yesterday (7/23) was taisho, the hottest … Read more ➡︎

Wrapping Up Life in Kitakyushu

Hi everyone, Rei here. These days, I’ve been preoccupied with preparing for my big move next month to Fukuoka City. As I mentioned before, I’m going to become … Read more ➡︎

Japanese Ministry of Justice Releases “Human Rights Public Awareness Video” Explaining LGBTQ

This morning, I came across a wonderful (Japanese only) video resource titled “Living As Yourself – Sexual Minorities and Human Rights” (あなたがあなたらしく生きるために・性的マイノリティと人権), which was recently created by the … Read more ➡︎

My Successful Visit to America

My trip to America has come and gone, and I’ve returned to Japan. In the weeks leading up to my departure, I had become extremely tense and anxious, … Read more ➡︎