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“LGBT people grant marriage its utmost shine” – Otsuka Takashi on the Importance of Same-Sex Marriage in Japan

Huffington Post Japan 4/9/2016 As the efforts of local governments to introduce same-sex partnership systems and local enterprises guarantee equal treatment to same-sex couples in regards to marriage … Read more ➡︎

“You’re not alone” – LGBT Youths Address Students at School Visits

Yahoo News 4/28/2016 “I was uncomfortable taking baths with everyone, and I didn’t attend school trips or excursions.” Yamashita Subaru (25) reflects on his middle school days. “At … Read more ➡︎

Kyushu Rainbow Pride 2015

Kyushu Rainbow Pride 2015 was held on Sunday, November 22, and my friend and I went to check it out!

My Coming Out / My Good Day

(English below) こんにちは。 お久しぶりです。 つい先週、僕は両親にカミングアウトをしました。 少し複雑なので詳しくは書きませんが、どうぞ見ていって ください。

City Life in Fukuoka; Netflix, Mexican Food, and Being with Taku!

It’s already October, and Fukuoka has become noticeably quieter and cooler than it was during the summer. I suppose the tourist season has already come and gone, everyone’s … Read more ➡︎

Japan’s Endless Summer, and Small Victories for LGBT Activists

Hello everyone! Here in Fukuoka, it’s been nothing but day after day of hot, stuffy weather. Everyone just accepts it, drearily wiping their faces and necks with handkerchiefs … Read more ➡︎

My Successful Visit to America

My trip to America has come and gone, and I’ve returned to Japan. In the weeks leading up to my departure, I had become extremely tense and anxious, … Read more ➡︎

Expat and Gay in Japan: Living in the Closet

Over the past two weeks, the dialogue regarding the legal recognition of same-sex partners reached national news status and became so conspicuous that Prime Minister Abe chose to … Read more ➡︎

Winter Days and LGBT News from Japan

I hope that everyone’s years are off to a good start! Taku and I have been hanging out as we normally do. After the nine day New Year’s holiday we … Read more ➡︎