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Yokohama Diversity Parade – Marching With a Smile

Mainichi Shinbun 10/15/2016 With the goal of realizing a more diverse society, sexual minorities and their supporters took to the streets of Yokohama for Yokohama Diversity Parade, held … Read more ➡︎

10 Issues Facing Japanese LGBT Jobseekers

On October 11th, Huffington Post Japan revealed the results of a survey of LGBT job seekers and transferees regarding issues they’ve faced on the job or while job … Read more ➡︎

Kansai Rainbow Parade: A Celebration of Gender and Sexual Diversity

Asahi Shinbun 10/9/2016 Kansai Rainbow Parade, a celebration of gender and sexual diversity, was held on Saturday, October 8th in Osaka City. About 750 people marched though the … Read more ➡︎

Nine Same-Sex Couples Register in First Two Months of Naha’s “Partnership System”

Yahoo News 9/30/2016 Since the implementation of Naha City’s “Partnership Registration System”, which officially recognizes same-sex couples, nine couples have registered between July 11 and September 29. This … Read more ➡︎

“Goodbye, LGBT”; The true meaning of Makimura Asako’s Statement

withnews 4/30/2016 “Dear concept of LGBT,” Talent Makimura Asako (28) contributed this letter which was published in Modern Philosophy (現代思想, from publisher Seidosha) in October 2015. LGBT is … Read more ➡︎

Evolved Boy’s Love: How Rotten Women’s Gloom Could Eliminate Prejudice

withnews 5/4/2016 Asahi Shinbun Tokyo Local News Reporter Harada Akemi Fujyoshi, otherwise known as “rotten women”. It’s a monicker for women who enjoy depictions of romantic relationships between … Read more ➡︎

Do Japanese Gay Men Read “Boy’s Love” Comics, Dislike “Rotten Women”?

withhnews 5/3/2016 Asahi Shinbun Tokyo Local News Reporter Harada Akemi BL (Boy’s Love), the genre well-loved by fujyoshi (腐女子,  lit. rotten women; women who like comics depicting male homosexual love). They … Read more ➡︎

Urasoe City, Okinawa to Declare Support for LGBT

Okinawa Times 9/8/2016 On September 7th, Matsumoto Tetsuji, the mayor of Urasoe City, made public the city’s plans to declare support for LGBT individuals. According to the city, … Read more ➡︎

Short Animation for Japanese LGBT Teenagers Moves Viewers to Tears

withnews 8/26/2016 A popular new video targeted to LGBT teenagers is being called “heartbreaking” and “tear-jerking”. It’s the story of a boy keeping a secret about the one … Read more ➡︎