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帰省 – Homecoming

After nearly five years of living in Japan, I’ve moved back to the United States ahead of Taku in order to prepare for our new life together.

Japanese Student Film Imagines a World Where Homosexuality is Majority

Asahi Shinbun Digital 4/2/2017 “Following similar movements across Europe and the Americas, the National Diet has prohibited heterosexuality in Japan.” ‘The Other Side’ , created last year by … Read more ➡︎

“Glossary of Japanese Gay Terminology” Has Been Updated!

You may have heard of bears, but what about wolves, monkeys, and cats? Which western brand-name bag has become so popular with Japanese gay men that it’s been … Read more ➡︎

On Not Coming Out at my Japanese Workplace

A recent survey by the Institute for General Research on LGBT found that only about 4% of respondents have come out in their workplaces, which means a whopping … Read more ➡︎

Urasoe City, Okinawa Declares Support For LGBT, Raises Rainbow Flag

Ryukyu Shimpo 1/4/2017 On the morning of January 4th, the city of Urasoe raised a rainbow flag, the symbol of sexual diversity, in front of city hall. At … Read more ➡︎

Google Japan Airs Commercial Featuring Gay Man During Prime Time Music Program

Google Japan made a bold move during NHK’s annual Year-end Song Festival (紅白歌合戦), airing a commercial that featured, among others, a gay man. The Year-end Song Festival is aired every New … Read more ➡︎

LGBT Rights in Japan 2016: The Year in Review

On December 14, Google revealed its annual “Year in Search“, shining a light on the most popular search queries of 2016. The breakout searches were to be expected: … Read more ➡︎

Looking to the Future

I’ve finally completed my last shift of 2016, giving me time to update this blog and allowing me to start thinking about 2017.

Sapporo City to Recognize Same-Sex Couples

NHK 12/22/2016 In 2017, the city of Sapporo will implement a system that recognizes the relationships of same-sex couples as “equivalent to marriage”. It will become the first … Read more ➡︎