You may have heard of bears, but what about wolves, monkeys, and cats? Which western brand-name bag has become so popular with Japanese gay men that it’s been nicknamed the “gay backpack”? Who is the nefarious sounding “goggle man”?

All this and more can be found in our recently updated “Glossary of Gay Terminology”!

First released in May 2015 and updated to its second edition in March 2016, I’m proud to announce the latest update, which makes it even easier to understand and search the terms. Think of it as our “S” year update.

What can you expect from the latest version of “Glossary of Japanese Gay Terminology”?

  • Updated Definitions – Various definitions have been tweaked for accuracy and clarity. A few new terms have been introduced.
  • Easier Navigation – Some entries feature a note pointing to related terms. Page numbers have been added to make finding these terms easier.
  • Index – An all new index page has been added to the end of the glossary to make finding terms with direct English equivalents easier.

    Glossary of Japanese Gay Terminology (Second Edition)
    Glossary of Japanese Gay Terminology (Second Edition)

    Learn over 130 slang terms and local lingo to help you navigate the gay scene in Japan.

    30 pages, 3915 words, PDF

    ※Due to the nature of this material, this glossary may contain terms and definitions that are deemed explicit.

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