A few weeks ago, we conducted a survey through our Facebook page in order to get a better understanding of what brings readers to Takurei’s Room and learn what you’d like to see more of. Here are the results!

It should be noted that surveyees were allowed to select multiple answers for each questions. 

pie-chartQ.1 How Do You Follow Takurei’s Room?

■55% on Facebook
■18% I Just check the main blog from time to time
■14% on Rei’s Tumblr
■5% e-mail subscription
■5% on Twitter
■5% Other


Q.2 Please select your main reason(s) for reading Takurei’s Room

■27% get resources/learn about LGBT life in Japan
■21% read news about LGBT in Japan
■21% read “daily life” posts about Taku and Rei’s life/relationship
■15% read guest posts (experiences of other LGBT expats in Japan)
■13% read reviews about LGBT in Japan related media (films, dramas, manga, ect)
■2% Other


Q.3 What do you want to see more of on Takurei’s Room?

■24% more original resources about LGBT life in Japan/ to help navigate LGBT spaces in Japan
■24% More “daily life” style posts about Taku and Rei’s life/relationship
■21% Japanese interviews/articles related to LGBT Japan that are not picked up by western media  (more news translated by us)
■17% news about LGBT in Japan
■12% More guest posts/perspectives by other LGBT expats in Japan
■2% Other

Here are some of my responses to the data:

We have a Facebook and a Twitter (the latter of which has become quite active lately!), so please give us a follow. We often share other website’s articles and resources on our social media that you won’t find on this main page!

Looking at question 2, I realize that the answers were a little too broad and might have overlapped or confused some. But still, it appears that the resource posts (which I consider to be the Expat and Gay in Japan-labeled posts and our glossary) to be pretty popular.

Before this survey, I wasn’t sure how popular our “daily life” style posts were, but it appears that you’re enjoying them! I feel relieved. I promise that we’ll start writing more about ourselves soon.

In addition, thanks again for the thoughtful and kind comments. We’ll keep them in mind as we continue writing.

P.S. Happy Spirit Day!

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