Yahoo Japan 9/4/2016

The Kyoto City Association for the Promotion of Gender Cooperation (京都市男女共同参画推進協会) has concluded the results of its first ever survey to learn about level of understanding amongst Kyoto youths towards LGBT individuals.

In response to being asked how they would react if an LGBT person were to open up about themself, between 60~70% percent of respondents replied “I’d be surprised, but listen to what they say” or “I’d treat them the same as always”. The survey was conducted by said organization last autumn and comes at a time where municipal governments are proposing same-sex partnership systems and the recognition of sexual diversity is spreading. They obtained the results from 640 college students aged from their late teens through early twenties.

The survey asked questions such as “have you heard of the terms gender dysphoria, bisexual, lesbian” and other such words, “what percentage of the population do you think is LGBT”, if they had witnessed negative speech or conduct regarding gender stereotypes such as masculinity and femininity, and so on.

While the question of how they would react if LGBT people open up about themselves received mostly favorable answers, on the other hand, when asked “Do you think that it is easy for LGBT people to live in Japanese society?” over 80% of respondents answered “I don’t think so”. Many responses stated that the current social institutions must be improved and expressed the need for more public awareness activities in schools.

Among the respondents of the survey, 2.8% were LGBT. Yoko Ichihara (36), lead staff of the study stated, “According to the latest data, it is said that 1 in 13 people is LGBT, so they certainly exist in Kyoto. By visualizing the level of awareness, we can connect it to expanding our circle of support.”

The results of the survey are available on the “Wings Kyoto” homepage.

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