In May of 2015, we announced the release of the first “Glossary of Japanese Gay Terminology”, and today,  I’m proud to announce the second edition of our ever popular e-book.

My goal with the second edition was to refine the original, removing superfluous bits and tweaking some of the definitions for clarity. As opposed to adding new words, I actually decided to cut out many of the words that I believe made the glossary bulky and lack focus. I decided to stay true to the title and try to keep the words limited to terms that are characteristic of modern Japanese gay culture, while including older words that reflect some of the history of gay culture in Japan.

Of course, please keep in mind that this book contains sexually explicit language and is NSFW. 

⬆︎click the photo above to download (Takurei’s Room Webstore)⬆︎

glossary sample 1

glossary sample 2

Please contact us if you know of any lingo we should include in the future, or if you find any errors that need to be addressed. I’ll be sure to address them in further updates.


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