City Life in Fukuoka; Netflix, Mexican Food, and Being with Taku!

It’s already October, and Fukuoka has become noticeably quieter and cooler than it was during the summer. I suppose the tourist season has already come and gone, everyone’s back in school, and summer heat has finally dwindled.

I’m about to start classes as well. I’ve finally gotten my student visa, so I’m 100% official now, and I’m just waiting a bit longer until the term begins. I’ve been spending my days trying to use my time wisely, but Netflix finally released in Japan a month ago, so my productivity plummeted while watching countless movies and dramas like Daredevil and Orange is the New Black. Better late than never! Taku is learning all sorts of colorful english from Orange is the New Black, as I learned when he told me “trust no bitch” after I accidentally hit him with a red shell intended for another racer in Mario Kart. Well I did ask him to study English…

The other day, Taku and I visited a Mexican restaurant called “El Boraccho”, and the whole experience gave me some serious nostalgia. Not so much the food or the atmosphere, but the fact that the place sounded like it was being DJ’ed by my uncle at a family party. So much bachata, salsa and merengue. I could almost hear my dad singing along to the tracks, as he tends to do (and I wonder where my love of karaoke comes from). I had a nice time reminiscing about my family with Taku, and told him he had better prepare himself for if he ever gets the chance to attend such event! But it also reminded me that I still have a lot of work to do before that could become a reality, mainly, coming out to the rest of my family. I still haven’t made much progress after telling my parents over a year ago, and I only took the smallest step forward with my mom when I was at home in April…Well, I guess you don’t go from traditional, Catholic, Latino family to “modern family” overnight.

For those of you who can read Japanese, I’ve been enjoying Letibee Life, which has doubled as part of my research about LGBT topics in Japan as well as some great language practice. “Letibee Life” is a news and media site written by and for LGBT people in Japan to provide them with information about LGBT topics that would otherwise be difficult to come by. I highly recommend checking it out. If you need some help with the Japanese, using the Firefox browser with the plugin “Rikai-chan” is the way to go.

Go have a look!

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  1. When you wrote that Taku said “trust no bitch” I had a big fit of laughter. I love OITNB…

    • Somehow he only remembers the ‘unique’ phrases. Netflix coming to Japan has been amazing. We watched two seasons of Drag Race last weekend so now he’s got Ru Paul’s catchphrases in his repertoire as well…

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