Starting Anew in Fukuoka City

How’s everybody doing this summer?

It’s been blazing hot here in Fukuoka, as one would expect after the end of the rainy season. Yesterday (7/23) was taisho, the hottest day of the year according to the twenty-four solar terms referred to in East Asia. I suppose one would use the phrase “dog days of summer” to describe this kind of weather in English. Indeed, the sun has been blazing hot, the sky full of billowing, puffy clouds, and theres no escape from the deafening buzz of cicadas. Summer in Japan is in full swing.

This time of year is always really nostalgic for me, as I’m once again coming upon the time when I first moved to Japan. Almost three years later, I’ve moved again. I have finally wrapped up my job and moved to Fukuoka to start my new life. I’m currently living in a smaller but much newer apartment not so far from Taku, and I’m set to begin school in Autumn. It’s only been a week, but I already feel so much better not living in my previous city.

Since I have a few weeks I can use freely before the school term begins, I’m planning to use the time to brush up on my academic Japanese as well as study the local dialect, called Hakata-ben. 

Taku has been working a lot these days, but now that we live closer, I hope that it will be easier for us to see each other, at least before my own schedule starts become more hectic. There’s also the long O-Bon holiday coming up in the middle of August. It’s one of the main long holidays in Japan, so there are many events such as fireworks festivals to attend. Last year, Taku and I went to a fireworks festival together, so I hope that we can continue the tradition this year as well!

The change of scenery is absolutely refreshing, and I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life and in Taku and my relationship.

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  1. I love your blog so much! Reading this had giving me motivation to look forward for the upcoming school year. Anyways, I love it when you post, I adore your relationship with Taku. Well good luck on school and life (^.^)

    • Thank you for your continued readership and support!
      Let’s both do our best in the upcoming school year.

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