Hi everyone, Rei here.

These days, I’ve been preoccupied with preparing for my big move next month to Fukuoka City. As I mentioned before, I’m going to become a full-time student in order to improve my Japanese language skills.

Things have been progressing smoothly. I’ve actually already found an apartment, even though it’s about a month early…Well at least I won’t be scrambling to find one last minute.

As one would expect, I’m really excited for my fresh start. This time around, I won’t have to go through the whole “adjustment to Japan” phase, and of course, my experiences and good habits I’ve learned will carry over, which should start me off in a much better place than I was three years ago. It also helps that this time around, I have Taku.

Taku and I have been spending weekends together as we normally do, but we’ve become a lot more low-key since Golden Week, opting to just relax at home or in the neighborhood instead of doing anything extravagant. It’s part of our aim to not only save money, but to also relax and keep our sanity, as we’ve both been running around a lot lately. Taku’s been working long hours, and I’ve been working and preparing for the move, so by the time we meet on the weekends, we’re content with just enjoying each other’s company, talking, or watching TV and HULU.

As I was hoping, I’ve found an apartment in the same neighborhood as him, so seeing each other should be much easier come next month. Of course, we’ll both be busy, with his work building up and most of my time being spent studying and working, but at least the distance between us will be much, much shorter.

On the LGBT rights front, there hasn’t been any big, national news coming out of Japan lately. However, Japanese NPOs have been very active and hard at work creating lectures and workshops aimed at creating understanding of LGBT issues among Japanese people. One group, COWS Japan (Conference on World Sexualities) is even reaching out to the English speaking world by subtitling their videos, so take a look and give them your support. It’s a really exciting time to be in Japan.

As always, thanks for reading, and for those of you in Japan, please keep dry and safe during the rainy season.


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