Huffington Post Japan 5/21/2015

The LGBT Law Association (LGBT法連合会), which seeks the development of broader legislation aimed at helping sexual minorities, announced at a Tokyo press conference on May 19 the basic policies that it would like the government to adopt regarding the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual identity and orientation. From this point forward, the organization will urge the government and National Diet members to implement this legislation.

The LGBT Law Association is an organization supporting LGBT individuals made up of NPOs and Lawyers from around the the country. In order to lessen the direct and indirect discrimination that LGBT individuals face in schools, workplaces, in medical care and public service and so on, the government must decide on a basic policy and require companies to abide by specific anti-discriminatory guidelines. The administration must also incorporate guidance and supervision. The full text of the group’s request can be read here (Japanese only).

Kamiya Yuichi, the director of the organization, said that the “Snuggle Hotline” that has been operating on subsidiary aid, receives about 640,000 LGBT related consultations per year, and about two-thirds of these are related to individuals in desperate situations, feeling like they are driven into a corner and are considering suicide.

In the wake of these situations, the LGBT Law Association hopes to use this as a precedent for the legislation. Below are the points of the proposed plan.


Prevention and Prohibition of Direct Discrimination

For example, a company canceling an interview on the grounds of the interviewee being transgender.

Prevention and Prohibition of Indirect Discrimination

For example, requiring two people to be married (for example when living together, for hospital visitation right and so on), or paying an unfair salary because someone is LGBT.

Prohibition of LGBT Harassment 

For example, saying “He seems gay,” or “Fags are gross.”

Prohibition of Revenge

For example, administrations punishing workers in any way for rightfully reporting discrimination.


Yasushi Nagano, a lawyer for the group, added “We cannot choose or change our sexual identity or orientation. It’s not always easy to tell if someone is homosexual. If administrations adopt a position of understanding, it will be easier to consult with them. If there is a legal foundation, we can progress towards eliminating discrimination.”

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