E-book – “A Glossary of Japanese Gay Terminology”

※3/23/2016 This version of the e-book is no longer available. Please read about the latest copy of the glossary.

A little over a month ago, we received a request in our inbox asking about terms that would be useful for navigating gay life in Japan.

After scanning some English sites and only finding limited lists, I took it upon myself to peruse Japanese sites to see what kind of information I could find. I then gathered as many useful and informative terms as I could and tediously translated and interpreted them over the course of several weeks. For the more difficult or vague terms, I consulted Taku to help me make sense of the definition.

Now, Taku and I are proud to present to you “A Glossary Of Japanese Gay Terminology”- presented to you in high quality PDF and containing over one hundred fifty terms. Please keep in mind that this book contains sexually explicit language and is NSFW. 

aGOJGT Cover

We hope that this glossary will help everyone learn a little more about the Japanese gay scene.

I’m also already considering republishing it over time with updated info. Please contact us if you know of any lingo we should include in the future, or even if you find any errors that need to be addressed. I’m proud of the current results, but this is my first Japanese translation project after all, so I’m sure there’s room for improvement.

Please share this page to help get the word around. 

Special Thanks

I want to thank some of my awesome friends for helping me out with this book.

Caol, a fellow expat in Japan, helped to double check my political correctness and find general errors. He also always supports my pursuits and is a great karaoke partner♪

Mamo-chan provided the wonderful photos of Tokyo used on the cover and inside page of the book. A fellow expat in Japan, he vlogs on his Youtube channel about his experiences as a queer English teacher in Japan. You can also follow him on tumblr.

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  1. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog after watching “Gaycation.” I have read a few of your blog entrees since and plan to read some more. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and for this glossary! We have visited Japan before but were apprehensive about going to a gay bar, we will definitely check one or two out when we visit again this April 🙂

  2. I tried to download/open the glossary, but it says “not found.” Any way you could email it to me? Thanks

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