Just like last year, Taku and I spent our Golden Week enjoying the sights and various activities around Fukuoka City.

You may be asking yourself, “What is Golden Week?”

Well, Golden Week is a collection of back to back national holidays that fall around the end of the April and early May. This holiday break guarantees at least a four day long weekend; This year, we lucked out with five!

During the holiday, we went on two day trips, the first being to Itoshima City , a popular summer getaway for those living in Fukuoka City. It’s known for beautiful beaches, delicious bread, and trendy cafes.

We had a small hiccup in the beginning of our trip, but our misfortune became our fortune. We had originally planned to rent bicycles and cycle from site to site, but we couldn’t find any places with rental bicycles to spare, so we opted to rent a car instead. This turned out to be an excellent decision, as we were able to cover a lot of more ground, visit a lot of sites, and for the first time ever, go on a joyride together.

Itoshima is checkered with field after field of wheat, which swayed mesmerizingly as we drove along. The bright green wheat, the open sky, Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” playing on the car speakers, and Taku at the wheel. It was blissful.


Wheat and blue skies!

We also managed (after the GPS took us thirty minutes out of our way onto toll roads and into the heart of the city,) to find a coffee shop called Tana Cafe + Coffee Roaster, which in addition to having several different blends of coffee which you can order or purchase the beans for, also had many home goods and other knickknacks that you could purchase.

The coffee was quite smooth and delicious. I opted for a blend from El Salvador with hints of chocolate and almond in it, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Perhaps it was also nice to actually take a moment to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee rather than just chug it down and run for the bus. Vacation is wonderful like that.


The “Third Wave” coffee boom is doing well in Japan

The menu! (click to enlarge)

Our other day trip was to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, a leisure park featuring rolling fields of seasonal flowers, a ferris wheel, an “animal forest” which was a cross between a zoo and a petting farm, cycling roads and more. This time around, we just enjoyed the summer-like weather, strolled around, and ate a lot of delicious foods.

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, and seeing field after field of bright green grass and blankets of blue was dream-like and would make just about anyone want to frolic about and burst into song.


Every time Taku and I spend these long holidays together, I can feel how much we have grown as a couple and how much I have grown individually. He and I have become so much more natural around each other since the beginning, when my Japanese was hardly functional and we really needed to work to make ourselves properly understood. I feel so thankful to have someone that I can make these special memories with. And by the time the next holiday break comes along in midsummer, I’ll have moved to a new place closer to Taku. I’m so excited for what the future has to bring!

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