Signs of Spring

Taku and I were able to meet this weekend after a very busy couple of weeks. Since we don’t live close enough to meet during the week, if anything work-related comes up on the weekend, we can’t spend any time together.

I’ve been working hard wrapping up the current school year, as well as working on things related to my job change and move coming this summer.

This weekend worked out well for the both of us, and we’ve spent the weekend mostly enjoying the seasonable weather by walking around, and shopping here and there.

Yesterday, we visited MUJI, a home and lifestyle store that sells high-quality and well-designed goods. The Canal City Kyushu flagship just got renovated, and it now includes a book store and even more goods! It’s like minimalistic heaven on earth. Check out this great stationary display.


I picked up a few travel things for my trip to America that’s only a few weeks away! I’m getting excited and little anxious.

Taku’s new hobby is “air plants” so he spent most of our shopping trip seeking new ones. His apartment suddenly has small plants all over the place. It’s nice to see him excited over his hobby, and since I like plants too, I totally support it. However, I’m half expecting to open the door to his apartment one of these weeks only to find it looking like a jungle!

Today, was a relaxing Sunday morning. We found some high quality pancake mix at the import store yesterday, so Taku made pancakes for breakfast. It was wonderful!


We spent the afternoon walking around the neighborhood, checking out bookstores, second-hand shops, and the like. The weather forecast had called for rain earlier in the week, but it actually turned out gorgeous and springlike!

On the way home, we came across some gorgeous plum blossoms.

Spring has sprung!

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  1. Paul in New York

    Great post! So glad you guys had a good weekend together. Seeing the cherry blossoms give me hope for spring. It’s still cold here in New York. Where are you planning on visiting on your trip to the US? I love MUJI, but the stores here are quite small. I especially miss the food sections they have in Japan and Hong Kong.

    Did you read that Jon Jerde, the architect of Canal City died recently? I had no idea it was designed by an American.

    Now I’m off to Fairway for pancakes. Thanks for putting the idea in my head.

    • Thank you for the article! I didn’t know Canal City was designed by an American either. It’s certainly an awe-inspiring design. As for MUJI, the food section is delicious, but I find it a little expensive, so I tend just to buy the sweets.

      I am returning to my parent’s home in Connecticut. I hope it will warm up a little by then. Whenever I call home, my parents mention yet another snowstorm. Fukuoka has been around 55 these days, so I’m a little spoiled!

      Hope you enjoyed the pancakes!

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