I am a beginner of being gay!! and of English…ʕ•̫͡•ʕ*̫͡*ʕ•͓͡•ʔ-̫͡-ʕ•̫͡•ʔ*̫͡*ʔ-̫͡-ʔ


Good evening.


I’m not with Ray today, Therefore using maximum English skill………It was wrong,[Using a dictionary ]


I’ll try to post in the bilingual.


I’ll do a very embarrassing mistake.



I don’t have any gay friend and acquaintance.


Because Japan is an underdeveloped country in homosexuality.


It’s a bad to attribute to it…Most homosexuals pretend to be the straight.


Of course I haven’t Coming out, and I haven’t been coming out by a friends.


Therefore ,I don’t know the real gay.


My teacher is Google.



I’m gay.


But I don’t know about it.


Recently, Many gay talents is active at Japanese TV show.


[Sorry… I can’t translate it]


But, They have womanly tongue, sexual topic, fashion.


A lot of Japanese people have the image…..【They want to become woman. Always be in estrus.】


And They exist only in the TV.



It’s not easy to hiding myself.


I want to study about gays.



So I want to hear your story.


Your country.


Your special lover.


Your family.


And your job.


Anything and everything.

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  1. Hello!
    I live in Australia, I live with my special someone. I am the youngest of 3 boys and my family knows I am gay. I work in the alternative health industry. Would you like to talk more?

    • Thanks for coment.
      Wow Australia!!
      What kind of feeling is it to cohabit?
      How did you come out??

      Im glad that I can talk with you.

      • It feels comfortable to cohabit. We have been living together for about 6 years now so we are very used to each others routine, habits and behaviour. I think my partner is very patient with me and enjoys the familiarity of having me there.
        I came out many years before that. First to my close friend and then to my parents once I had experienced it with a friend first. I am lucky that my family is very open, kind, and accepting of me, but they would say they always thought I was gay and were just waiting for me to tell them. Now I am comfortable telling anyone who asks – usually it is only the people who care that will ask.

        Have you ever visited another country? What is your favorite place in Japan? Have you participated in any of the gay culture in Japan? What would you like to see or do if you were free to be gay in Japan?

        • 6years!?
          I hardly heard it in Japan!!!!
          Please tell me the secret to making good close friendship!!

          I want to make a model of you.
          Your boyfriend looks a nice person.

          I’m seized with the impulse that wants to sometimes come out.
          but I can’t it…
          I think that it is necessary sometime.

          I have been to Taiwan.
          I saw the gay couple who tied a hand.
          I was surprised very much.
          Is it normal?
          They looked happy.
          The place that I like is Okinawa and Fukuoka.
          I live in Fukuoka now. and Okinawa is my hometown.
          Fukuoka is very interesting.
          Though it is a big town, the house-rents are low. and fashionable.
          I have been to the gay bar several times. but I don’t like there that much.
          [What would you like to see or do if you were free to be gay in Japan?]
          →I want to talk about a my boyfriend in all.

  2. Our secret? I think… we talk to each other often – to help stop any misunderstandings. We spend time with each other – to help keep us friends as well as a couple. Also my boyfriend buys me gifts, (It makes me feel that he loves me when he gives me attention this way) and I shower him with praise (he likes to be recognised this way, and makes him feel loved).

    It must be frustrating for you to want to come out but not be able to! I feel maybe it is good that you have a partner that you can feel free to be with, this is a good start.
    We are not married, it is not legal here in Australia, and if it was legal I don’t think we would get married. We are committed to each other already, this is enough for us.

    I don’t know much about Japan so I am looking on wikipedia about Okinawa and Fukuoka.
    Do you have any hobbies? I found your blog because of the Manga post.

    Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me. I hope I am not taking time away from important things you have to do. Please don’t feel that you have to reply to me straight away, or at all if you do not want to or do not have the time to.

  3. Paul in New York

    Hello from New York! I am enjoying reading your blog very much. I have been to Japan several times and find it to be an amazing country. I’ve even been to Fukuoka in 2008! I’m quite a bit older than you guys, and I’ve been openly gay for many years. Being gay is not an issue in New York, either with work, or friends, but there are parts of the US where is can still be a problem. I live with my partner of 4 1/2 years in a tiny apartment (New York is like Tokyo, apartments are expensive and small). We last visited Japan in 2012: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hakone, and had a wonderful time.

    eirynfox gives good relationship advice. Communication is important. Don’t let little things become big problems. If I can add one thing: sometimes it’s best NOT to say anything. For example, it drives me crazy when my partner keeps checking his phone when we’re having a conversation. But I don’t want to start a fight, so I don’t mention it. I just let him finish, and we go back to talking. Besides, everyone does it now, I’m the old-fashioned one.

    If you have any questions about New York, or the US, I’d be happy to answer. Sorry, I don’t speak Japanese.

    • Thanks for comment!
      You have been to Japan many times before.
      We may have already met somewhere^ ^

      Your advice is splendid.
      I don’t want to quarrel. so I don’t say an opinion to him very much.
      It is sometimes quarrelled in such a thing…
      You’re the old-fashioned! but it is more advanced than me about the life of the gay (-_^)

      In the United States, I heard that the some gays came out in the workplace, but They can work in the same way as a straight, is it true?
      and did you do it?
      What kind of town is NY for a gays?

      I’m sorry to ask a lot of questions…
      but I’m so interested in your answer.

  4. Hi! I’m from the Philippines.. I love your blog! I enjoy reading your adventures together with your partner.. I am Half Japanese so i used to go to Japan during summer vacation when i was young.. I didn’t learn to speak Japanese since my dad was fluent in english.. I stumbled upon your blog because im planning to visit my dad and in tokyo so im doing a bit of research..

    Being gay in the Philippines isn’t really an issue but it can be challenging at times.. Some are accepting, others are just offensive..

    Me and my partner have been together for 4 years… We don’t live together since our house is like 4 min away from each other.. Communication is definitely key to a great relationship.. We barely argue, but if we do, we make it a point to fix it before the day ends..

    Hope to read more blog posts 🙂

    • Thanks for the insight.

      I hope that you enjoy your time in Toyko, and good luck to you and your partner!
      It’s so nice to hear about a gay couple in such a long term relationship.
      I’ll take your advice! Communication is certainly the key to making it all work.

  5. michael in nyc

    I am enjoying reading your posts!! I live in New York City, which is a great city and very open place. It is easy being out here. There are many gay people and all the straight people and my friends are perfectly fine and happy with gay people.

    My boyfriend and I have been together 1.5 years, we love to go Art Museums and hear music concerts and recitals. Bike ride, play baseball and swim. Most of all cooking and eating together!
    I Love Japanese food! Udon, soba, sushi!! yum!! 🙂

    I am analog too!! 🙂

    • Hi!!
      Nice to meet you.
      Your comment made me want to go to NY…>_<…
      Please guide me if I go to New York!
      So If you travel to Japan, I will show you around.

      You have too many hobies!!
      That is really something wonderful.
      I ride a motorbike too.
      My hobby is watching movies.
      Do you like movies?
      Please recommend me what movies you like.

  6. I am very surprised and sad
    I thought it was easy to be gay in Japan for not religious barriers
    I admire Japan and LGBT question and let me enough 🙁
    Very sad but willing to help and encourage

    • I think that Japan has a unique sense.(positive or negative)
      There is a standard about all and is considered abnormal if different from it.
      It is totally like the part factory…
      I sometimes feel it to be stuffy.

    • Right, despite the lack of religious barriers, Japan still has a long way to go…Thanks for the encouragement, the LGBT community in Japan needs as much as it can get!

  7. Greetings from Malaysia! Stumble upon your post while looking for short term Japanese classes (side-tracked) LOL. I’m a Malaysian born Chinese currently living in Penang island (a state in Malaysia). I feel you of not being able to come out to anyone, since LGBT in Malaysia is pretty much underdeveloped. I only came out to my close friends, but not my family(maybe my sister). My friends are pretty cool with gay and lesbians. I dated my high school sweet heart for 6-7 years I think , but we broke up last year around this time due to lack of communication. Communication is the uttermost important thing in every relationships!

    • Sorry for my late reply.

      I checked Penang!!
      Really beautiful>_<
      I intend to check more!!

      About come out…
      My opinion is contrary to yours.
      Though I can talk to a family, but I can't talk to a friend……
      Because my friends think of me that absolutely straight!!
      So if I want to live with a boyfriend together all the time, it is necessary to talk my family (´・_・`)

      Communication is most important !!
      I think so!!!!
      Thank you for good advice.
      I forgot the thing recently.

      • Yes, Penang is a beautiful island with lots of good food to eat! Haha
        I find it easier to come out in phases, we can’t expect everyone is ready to know about our sexuality. Try talking to those you’re more comfortable with and you know won’t react negatively to it. Good Luck (^ . ^)

        • Thank you very much for your advice.
          We can’t post frequently, please advise our contribution from now on!!!!
          And sorry for being bad at English.

  8. Hello ! After reading Rei’s posts, I decided to check your side of the story, and fell on this one. My Japanese is terrible, but I will try to answer using it, provided you made the effort to write in English.

    • Thank you for your comment!!
      My English is terrible too…but Let’s do our best!!
      We may live near. and the age is near, too.
      We may meet somewhere(^^)

      I want to tell me what kind of experience you do!!
      What kind of person is your boyfriend?

      I study a Japanese gay, too, but do not understand it very well…

  9. Dalton Colson

    I stumbled across your blog and after browsing for a few minutes, I found it to be very helpful in learning about Japan and their customs towards gays. I’ve lived in the southern portion of the United States in a state called Mississippi. And in the South there is a semi-heavy religious overtones in some portions of the South which makes it hard to be gay. I recently came out to my family and expected them to be disappointed, but they completely suppressed me by actually accepting that i’m gay. I’m only twenty and I haven’t been able to find a lover as of yet but I am optimistic. I’m currently enrolled as a full time college student and work as a waiter on the weekends. I enjoy reading anything and everything. I’m interested in Japan and its culture and my dream is to explore Japan before I get to old. Your English is great! Keep practicing Taku. :3

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