Five things about Taku

Though it hasn’t been so long since we first met early this year, I always try to actively remember those early days in our relationship, where we were still learning the most basic things about each other. Seeing how far we’ve come really helps me put the relationship into perspective.

Over time, I’ve found many different things that make Taku who he is. Taku’s first post was about the traits that he found interesting in me, so continuing in the same vein, I present to you:

Taku’s five unique features!

  1. He has a refreshing aversion to technology.

While I have multiple accounts across the web such as a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, he doesn’t partake in these kinds of social networks.

I’m also always trying to get him to charge his IC card(NFC cards that you can charge money to and then use to ride the trains or busses), but he insists on buying a paper train ticket or using change on the bus. Even when he finally did put some money on his IC card, he was back to using change as soon as the card ran out.

Even though I often tease him, calling him アナログ(the Japanese-English term “analog”, meaning someone who is bad at using technology), It’s charming that he prefers to do things the way that he is most comfortable.

  1. He lives at his own pace.

His speech and actions are always smooth and deliberate. His disposition is also very calm. He eats a little slower than me, and I often find myself accidentally walking too fast and leaving him behind.

However, in fast-paced Japan, his demeanor reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment.

  1. He loves home goods stores.

When we are out shopping, if we come across a home goods store, you can bet that Taku will want to check it out. Japan, as you would expect, has tons of well-designed home goods, and we’ve spent a lot of time looking though the selection of different stores.

He apologizes for dragging me into countless stores, but I don’t mind at all. It’s really fun, and I know that when we live together, our place is going to look better than an Ikea catalog.

  1. He’s really clean.

When Taku first welcomed me to his place, the first thing I noticed was that it was simple and clean, just as I like a home to be. The other thing that shocked me was that he frequently washes his hands, whether we are out around the town or when we’re just arriving at home.

At my workplace, we do not have soap in the restrooms, and I often see most of the older guys just walk out after using the toilet. It’s pretty disgusting, so I’m extremely happy to have found a guy who goes above and beyond in terms of hygiene!

  1. He loves sweets

Especially doughnuts. As I rarely go out of my way to purchase sweets, it’s always a treat when we come across something delicious. It’s not as fun to eat sweets alone, so I’m glad that I have someone to share the experience with! Ice cream, cake, dango, chocolate..the list goes on and on.


These are the features that immediately come to mind, but that’s just scratching the surface.

Until next time!

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  1. かわいい!
    My name is Gustavo, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and always been curious how the LGBT life in Japan
    I love anime, sleeves and super-Sentai
    I want to know and help Japan’s LGBT

    • Greetings! Even though this blog is just based on our narrow experience of LGBT life in Japan, I hope that you can enjoy reading it!

  2. Aww this is so cute!!! It’s romantic!!! It’s a good thing that you guys are already buying things for your future home. The last part about the sweets reminds me of the Perfume song, “Sweet Donuts.”

    I’m not sure if I understood his post about correctly because my Japanese is bad. I think he said you like to take lots of pictures of him… and how when you mess up when you speak Japanese, he thinks it’s cute… it’s the little things like that which keeps love strong

    • Yeah things really haven’t changed much since then!

      Your understanding is correct. I didn’t think I took so many pictures, I actually feel like I take a lot less than most people. But I do like to capture a nice moment. And I still make mistakes with Japanese so he still has that, haha.

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