Autumn of Nostalgia


Being born and raised in New England, I learned to love autumn from an early age. Despite the days becoming shorter and the foliage falling from the trees, I always saw it as a time of new beginnings because of the start of the start of the school year.

I have many fond memories of autumn; trick or treating with my parents and older brother as a kid, going to the haunted house at the local amusement park with friends in my teens, packing friends in my beat up 1994 Toyota Tercel and heading to gigs at the local venues during my university days. And during my time in Japan, exploring Japan with my fellow JETs, traveling alone or with Taku, and so on.


Kansai Rainbow Parade: A Celebration of Gender and Sexual Diversity


Asahi Shinbun 10/9/2016

Kansai Rainbow Parade, a celebration of gender and sexual diversity, was held on Saturday, October 8th in Osaka City. About 750 people marched though the downtown area. Holding rainbow flags and umbrellas, they appealed for awareness of a variety of people, including those who “like the same sex” or “have a gender disorder”.


Ask Us Anything!・何でも聞いて!


■English – Attention readers! We’re holding our first ever “ask us anything” event!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask or things you’d like to know about Taku and I, please submit them via the contact form or in the comments below. We’ll answer as many as we can in a later post!





Nine Same-Sex Couples Register in First Two Months of Naha’s “Partnership System”


Yahoo News 9/30/2016

Since the implementation of Naha City’s “Partnership Registration System”, which officially recognizes same-sex couples, nine couples have registered between July 11 and September 29. This November, the city will host a diversity symposium. It will be the first time the city has sponsored such an event.

At the general interpellation of the regular meeting on September 29th, Chief of the General Affairs Kuba Tatsumori answered questions. He gave further details regarding the event in response to questions from Furugen Shigeji.


“Goodbye, LGBT”; The true meaning of Makimura Asako’s Statement


withnews 4/30/2016

“Dear concept of LGBT,”

Talent Makimura Asako (28) contributed this letter which was published in Modern Philosophy (現代思想, from publisher Seidosha) in October 2015. LGBT is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. It holds almost the same meaning as the term sexual minority.

Since Makimura’s announcement of her marriage to a woman, she has come to write about her experiences as a lesbian. But in the letter, she already has declared that she will no longer refer to herself as an LGBT individual. We asked her what she meant. 


We Asked Gay Men If They Read “Boys Love” Comics, Dislike “Rotten Girls”


withhnews 5/3/2016

BL (Boy’s Love), the genre well-loved by fujyoshi (rotten girls; women who like comics depicting male homosexual love). Comics and novels about romance between men, BL is written largely by women, for women. I’m not well-versed in the subject, but I have read some. Nevertheless, BL is purely the fantasies of women. What do actual gay men think of BL and rotten girls?