“Goodbye, LGBT”; The true meaning of Makimura Asako’s Statement


withnews 4/30/2016

“Dear concept of LGBT,”

Talent Makimura Asako (28) contributed this letter which was published in Modern Philosophy (現代思想, from publisher Seidosha) in October 2015. LGBT is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. It holds almost the same meaning as the term sexual minority.

Since Makimura’s announcement of her marriage to a woman, she has come to write about her experiences as a lesbian. But in the letter, she already has declared that she will no longer refer to herself as an LGBT individual. We asked her what she meant. 


We Asked Gay Men If They Read “Boys Love” Comics, Dislike “Rotten Girls”


withhnews 5/3/2016

BL (Boy’s Love), the genre well-loved by fujyoshi (rotten girls; women who like comics depicting male homosexual love). Comics and novels about romance between men, BL is written largely by women, for women. I’m not well-versed in the subject, but I have read some. Nevertheless, BL is purely the fantasies of women. What do actual gay men think of BL and rotten girls?


Welcome to the Revue: The Dazzling World of Anmitsu Hime


One of the things that I love about living in Fukuoka is the wide variety of nightlife available. The neighborhood surrounding Oyafuko Street contains sports bars, snack bars, dance clubs that feature genres from funk and disco to modern top 40 and EDM, live houses, restaurants, and more. And among these various establishments, Anmitsu Hime’s theater stands proudly as shining facet of homegrown Hakata culture and a testament to the golden days of Japan’s bubble era.


Survey Reveals Over 60% of Kyoto Youths Accept LGBT


Yahoo Japan 9/4/2016

The Kyoto City Association for the Promotion of Gender Cooperation (京都市男女共同参画推進協会) has concluded the results of its first ever survey to learn about level of understanding amongst Kyoto youths towards LGBT individuals.

In response to being asked how they would react if an LGBT person were to open up about themself, between 60~70% percent of respondents replied “I’d be surprised, but listen to what they say” or “I’d treat them the same as always”.